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Success Stories Continued


We got Sparky (Spanky then) from the rescue about four years ago. Hes been a tremendous addition to the family and we all love him very much. Weve received many comments from people on how he is the most well behaved dog theyve ever seen (to the point they almost seem surprised a dog could be so well behaved). Hes not a barker, not a jumper, not a runner, not a begger (well maybe a little bit of a begger). He just enjoys hanging out with the family, whether its sitting in the chair with the old man, or laying next to him while hes working on the car, taking a walk with the old lady or running around the yard and pool with the kids. Hes very smart (but arent most terriers). Hes slowed a bit as of late, think hes feeling his middle age as some of us are. We wouldnt trade him for anything in the world.

Thanks for everything!
The Brauns. (and Sparky)

Hi Ratbone Rescue,

Just a note to say how great Nut now called Gigi or Gisella or oftentimes *The Geeeej* is doing. We adopted Gigi as a newborn puppy back in late '07 and she is such a friendly, sweet Rattie. She's about 10 lbs now, healthy as ever and loves her walks and her Nylabones. She is a fierce chewer but always, absolutely always chews on her toys vs. our stuff. She plays with Lili our 6 lb Rattie often and while playing will actually do a 360 degree turn in anticipating of jumping at Lili to run after her! It's so funny to watch them. Gigi is smart, learns quickly and we are really enjoying her in our family.

Thanks again!

Chris, Hal, Gigi and Lili

Hello Ratbone Rescues,

Its seems like just yesterday I brought home a sweet little bundle of joy I adopted in Jacksonville, FL. Now my lil Evie is going to turn 7 on Sept 1st. Wanted to update you since I haven't in a while... she is doing great! Evie is my little Lucky Charm and is by my side everywhere I go. I even got her tattooed on my leg in a lucky tattoo I got.

Hope all is well and all the Ratties who need homes
find their forever homes!
Tracie Sims

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