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Success Stories Continued

Hello All,

This has been a long time coming, but we would like to thank everyone at Ratbones for all the work they do. We recently adopted Wally Wagtail, who was fostered by Caroline in Florida. Wally is a most excellent little man.

Our current rattie Abbey is 12 and has Addison's disease and bladder cancer. She lost her half brother about 4 years ago. Since she was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to make her time left with us as postive as possible. We took her everywhere with us, and she got to do lots of stuff. After watching a friend's Lab while they were out of town though, I realized she was lonely. She really is a very skittish dog, and she never likes any other dogs that much. So it took a long time for her to show us (or more correctly for us to see) that she wanted a companion.

So, we talked to a number of folks at Ratbones and decided the dog for us was Wally. Caroline, Nancy, Michelle, Diane and all the others - THANK YOU. Cheryl for driving and driving even though she broke down and all the other drivers, who helped get Wally almost 800 miles - THANK YOU. All the people whose names are not mentioned here - THANK YOU. Thank you all for helping me and for helping ratties. We all know what a great dog they are, but they are a lot of work and not for everyone. Thank you for loving them and helping them. Thank you for giving the older ones a chance to find their forever homes.

A number of people I know thought it was strange for me to get a NINE year old dog. But I said it was like a dog with the training wheels off, which for our period of life is perfect. Abbey needs a mellow presence now, and that is what Wally is. He is a cool little dude, who has calmed her down and actually made her less skittish and more friendly to all that meet her. She lets folks pet her now, which she never ever did before.

Abbey really is the dog of a life time. She is so good and loving. She trained herself and is the best. Wally is good, too, but he is learning a lot of things from Abbey, so it is as if, once she goes, part of her will not only be left in our hearts and memory, but in Wally, too. So, Wally will become even more super excellent, because he will be Wally but have some part of Abbey, too. Ok, I am getting a bit emotional here...

Thank you all so much for this - we never knew how great this would be. :-)

Tanya, Kelsey, Abbey, Sammy (the fat cat) and Wally (the missing piece of our pack)!!!

I wanted to say that we adopted our senior Rat Terrier "Carly" over four years ago in 2004. She is still with us and we make sure she is always happy and spoiled as she can be.

We now have five dogs in all from ages four to, (however old Carly is), and she acts younger that any of them. She loves playing, traveling and walking, she just loves everything. We love her so very much!

Thank you for letting us give our home to this truly wonderful girl.
Kathy Sides

We adopted Chewy (formerly known as Tybalt) four years ago from Ratbone Rescues. As you can see from the pictures, he has done alot since he's been here in Wisconsin. We had looked for years for a dog I could be around because I am terribly allergic. When I saw a picture of the AHT in a dog magazine, I just fell in love with them. I went online and found Ratbone and the rest is a wonderful story of falling in love and having a whole lot of fun with our new dog Chewy.

We adopted him without seeing him. The foster mother "chose" him but we know he was hand picked by God for us. My husband and I picked him up from the Chicago airport after he flew in from Jacksonville. Chewy and I bonded on the way home. When we brought him in the house, he went straight to my son (whose dog he was to be!!). My son had prayed for years for a dog, and here he was. They have been inseparable ever since.

Chewy is litter box trained, and also goes outside. He plays soccer like a pro, as well as many other games. We named
him before we even got him home, but he sure lives up to his name. He "loves on us" by chewing on the cuffs of our clothes!! He's a sweetheart. The best of a playful friend, and a cuddling
lap dog too.

Would rescue another in a heartbeat!! Thanks Ratbone for all you do. :) Keep up the important work for these sweet dogs.

Chewy's family in Wisconsin

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