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Application to Adopt a Rescued Rat Terrier

Adoption fees are as follows:
adult Rat Terriers $175
puppies under 12 months $200
American Hairless Terriers $225.

Please fill in all areas of the application.
An incomplete application may inhibit our ability to process your request to adopt one of our Rat Terriers. Some of the questions require you to use a drop-down menu; if you do not select one of the options the top option in the menu will be selected.

Freqently Asked Questions about adoption
(please read to check requirements for adoption)

**Please select this link to apply to be a volunteer.**


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Please Tell us About You and Your Family:

May we call you at work?    
Please list any other adults living in the home.

About the Rescued Rattie:

If the dog you are applying for is not available, would you consider another of our dogs?
Is anyone in the house allergic to animals?    

Please Tell us About Your Home Environment:


Please Tell us About your Veterinarian:

Please furnish the following information:

Please Supply Us with Your Personal References:

Please provide the Name, Telephone Number, City and State of three (3) people who are not related to you.


Do you agree to return this Rat Terrier to Ratbone Rescues if you are unable to keep it for any reason?

All applicants are subject to a home visit.

**All fees are non-refundable.**

By submitting this form you affirm that the above information is accurate and complete, and that you understand that falsely provided information can mean that your application will not be approved.

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