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The New Ratbone Rescues Quilt Project

  My First Rattie


This is Our Eighth Quilt Project!


We are Very Excited to be making our First Ever
Ratbone Rescues My First Rattie Quilt!

Our Quilt will commemorate the First Rat Terrier who shared of our lives.
These Special Ratties changed our lives Forever,
and Showed us what True Love and Companionship could be.

Each Quilt Block will be a Pieced Block with an Appliqued Design,
to make a Stunning Quilt.

We are looking for "Piecers"; People with a Sewing Machine who can
piece Fabric Together to form the Quilt Blocks.

We also need "Applique'rs"; People who can sew Shapes onto the
Completed Pieced Blocks.

If you are unable to participate as either a Piecer or Applique'r, Don't Worry - You can Still have a Part in this Quilt! Here's How:

Have Your First Rattie's name Included on this
Ratbone Rescues Quilt. It's easy! Just use the email link below to
contact the Quilt Wranglers, and they will make sure that
your First Rattie's name is on the Quilt.

Or - you can also have a Quilt Block made for you, in the name of
Your First Rattie, for only $25!

If you would like to Participate in the
Ratbone Rescues My First Rattie Quilt Project
please send an Email to our Quilt Wranglers and we'll Get You Started. .

To see Quilts from the Past, and to see Samples of the Various Techniques used in the Individual Quilt Blocks, please click here and here.


Members of the Ratbone Rescues Board of Directors are ineligible
for the prize in this or any other Ratbone fund-raiser.

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