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Gracie Mae Ratbone



Gracie Mae is an 8 to 12 month old, black tri-colored Rat Terrier.
She is originally from South Carolina.

Gracie Mae at the shelter

Her fostermom tells us that Gracie is very sweet and affectionate - even though she was probably hit by a car and left for dead. By the time a good Samaratin found her and got her to the shelter Gracie was almost starved to death, as well as severely injured. The kind folks at the shelter nursed Gracie Mae until she was able to eat and drink on her own and Ratbone could pick her up.


Gracie travelled to North Carolina to have surgery and recover.
Here she is just before her surgery.

Gracie Mae safe


Here is Gracie after surgery. Ouchie!
That's a "Kirschner external apparatus"; a metal appliance
that she will wear until her bones have "knit".
Gracie Mae will require another surgery to remove the hardware.

Gracie Mae recovering

The cost of Gracie's surgical and medical care so far is $1,000.

Gracie Mae ouchie

To watch Gracie Mae's progress please use this link.



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