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Have you ever had a really hard time
choosing that special gift for your friend or loved one?

Ratbone Rescues has a new program to help with that!

Now you can give the Gift of Life to a needy Rat Terrier.

Your donation will be used to pay a shelter fee.
To pay for shots or a spay/neuter.
Or possibly to pay for critical medications for a sick Rat Terrier.

You can donate in your own name....
or give this life-saving donation in someone else's name....
for a Birthday, Christmas, or Anniversary Gift.

What could be better?

Levels of Giving

Diamond $500-1,000
pays for all or part of an orthopedic or specialist surgery

Platinum $400
pays for one Rat Terrier's shelter pull, all required shots, heartworm test, fecal check and spay/neuter

Gold $300
pays for heartworm treatment for one dog or first shots for a whole litter of rescued puppies

Silver $200
pays for a "k-9 annual"; all necessary shots and parasite testing

Bronze $100
pays for a visit to the pet emergency hospital or four months of mange treatment for a young Rat Terrier

Copper $50
pays for monthly maintenance medications for a dog with a chronic condition, like diabetes or a seizure disorder

Upon receipt of your donation we'll select a deserving dog for you. Or, if you prefer, you can specify a dog from our Sponsor Page. The recipient of your generous gift will receive an attractive gift card with a picture of the dog selected, it's history and medical needs, and a description of the benefits your gift has provided.

Please consider giving the Gift of Life to a Rat Terrier in need!

For electronic payments (please add $1):


To pay by check or money order:
Ratbone Rescues
P.O. Box 2126
St. Petersburg, FL 33731-2126

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