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Ratbone Rescues is always looking for new foster parents. There are times when our foster homes are so full, we can no longer accept new dogs and have to turn some away who then get euthanized or have to continue in their abusive or neglectful environments. That is heartbreaking.

We desperately want to avoid being placed in a position where we cannot accept dogs in need and urge you to consider temporarily opening your heart and your home to a dog in need of a space where they can be safely and lovingly nurtured while they are waiting for a permanent adoptive home.

What Does It Mean to be a Foster Parent?

Ratbone Rescues does not have a shelter or other physical location. Instead, we operate through a tight-knit network of rescue coordinators and fosterhomes, trying to rescue as many Rat Terriers as possible. Our foster homes are the private residences of individuals who want to help dogs in need, giving them a safe and loving sanctuary while we try to match them with a qualified permanent adoptive home.

People interested in fostering must apply and be screened and approved to be a Ratbone Foster home. We do careful checks both for our fosterhome applicants and our adoption applicants to make sure that the dogs get the best possible, most responsible care. The process of becoming a foster home involves submitting an on-line application apply then having vet and reference checks, a telephone interview, and a home visit to ensure that the household is safe and suitable for rescued dogs.

As a foster parent, you would decide when (and if) to accept a new foster dog. Some foster families have just one at a time; others decide to have 2 or 3 or more. The foster family gets to name the dog. The foster family promptly takes the dog in for routine vet care (exam, heartworm test, vaccinations, and neuter/spay) and gets reimbursed by Ratbone Rescues for those costs. If other medical treatment is required, pre-approval is necessary but those costs are also reimbursed. Ratbone Rescues handles the adoption application process, manages transportation, provides an ID tag, microchip, and 6 months' worth of heartworm preventative. We also facilitate networking and support between fosterhomes. The foster family provides the dog's food, monthly flea preventative, toys, and plenty of love. We're a 501(c)3 organization, so any foster-related expenditures are tax deductible.

Thanks so much for considering it! We really do need you.

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