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How a Transport Works

Your application is approved, you've mailed your contract, and now it's time to plan your new companion's trip home. You have elected for Ratbone Rescues to use the canine "rescue railroad" to get the job done.

First, your Transport Coordinator (TC) will take the total distance from the city your Rat Terrier is fostering in to the city you live in, and she will divide it into sections (legs) of 100 miles or less. She will then email a "roster" (or transport plan) to you to make sure you are able to drive the final leg. She will also ask for your phone numbers (home and cell) and a description of your car, among other things (this will only be given to the other drivers of your transport). If you do not have a cell phone, please try to find someone who will lend you one for the day of the transport.

The transport will take place on a Saturday and Sunday (one day only, if the distance is fairly short). We require our adoptive families to take an active part in transporting their new Rattie home. It usually takes about 7 to 14 days to plot, fill and complete a rescue transport. Please remember that the drivers who will help are all volunteers who spend their time and gas money to help rescued dogs get home. If we are not successful at filling all the segments (legs) of the transport for the weekend we first select.... we'll try again the next weekend.

Next you will begin getting copies of the transport requests. This is only to keep you informed as to how things are going - you need not reply to these unless you have a question. Each time we fill a leg of the transport we will send out the request again, with that leg marked as filled. This way the other volunteers know what we still need, and you can see how many legs we still need to find drivers for.

When the transport has been filled, your TC will send out a "final roster". This has all the names, email addresses, home and cell phones, and descriptions of the vehicles (including tag numbers) of all the drivers who are participating in your new Rattie's transport. You will be asked to contact the person who is meeting you with your dog. You can usually do this by sending them an email. You and this person will select a place to meet - try to make it a restaurant, gas station or other public place. If you do not know the city you are meeting in well, we will help you to find a meeting place.

The time you meet the other driver is determined by when the transport starts that morning, and if there are delays along the way. If there are minor delays you might have to wait a little while. If the delay is a significant one your TC will call you to let you know.

When you get home with your new Rat Terrier please be sure to send a quick email to your TC.... or you can call her. Then she can let all the other drivers know that the transport was successfully completed, and your new Rattie is home.

If your Rat Terrier comes in a crate you may be asked to mail it back to the fostermom. An address should be written right on the crate, and it can be mailed back, using the US post office (parcel post), for about $7-10. Please take care of this as soon as possible, since most of our fostermoms only have a couple of crates, and it may soon be needed for a new fosterRat.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your transport coordinator. Thank you for choosing to adopt a Ratbone Rescues Rat Terrier!

Would you like to sign up to be a Transport Volunteer, and help get rescued Ratties to their Forever homes? Please click here for the form.

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