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Patrick male


Location: Florida

Patrick is a very special Rattie. When we first saw him, he was cowering in the back of his cage at a high kill shelter in Miami, FL. Not much was known about him aside from the fact that there was something wrong with his left eye. He was not able to see out of the eye and it was bulging out a little. Nothing extreme, but he needed to see a specialist. We got him out and immediately he bonded closely to his foster mom. She noticed that he held up his right knee when walking briskly so that was also evaluated; Patrick had a very bad luxating patella (knee) and it needed surgery. His eye would only get worse, so we had a specialist remove his eye and work on his knee. Pat recovered nicely from his surgeries, acting like nothing happened. He no longer cowers in fear, but now has a VERY brave persona. He protects his fostermom from critters like squirrels, cats and large dogs. He is quite the character - loving, affectionate and brave. We are looking for a special home for Pat. He loves long walks and to cuddle on the couch. Pat would prefer to be the only doggie in the home because he wants all the attention to himself. To see more photos of Patrick, please click here.

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