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Lily female


Location: Florida

Seniors for Seniors Candidate
Lovely Lily has a heart of pure gold. This beautiful little girl was adopted from Ratbone Rescues in 2010. She was returned to us last year because her owner fell ill and could no longer take care of her. Lily had cataracts in both eyes, but once she learned her way around she did very well. In October of 2017, one of Lily's eyes became very large and painful. We took her immediately to an Eye Specialist. Because of severe glaucoma in the one eye and the beginning of the same in the other eye, it was recommended to remove both of her eyes. She handled the surgery very well - and gets along just like she did before because her vision was terribly impaired before, plus now she has no pain. Lily walks well on a harness, but she steps uncertainly in new surroundings, which is understandable. Often times her fostermom carries her out to the yard to go potty and she enjoys sniffing the fresh breeze before they come back inside. Lily is a very sweet senior; even though her vision is impaired she is still a genuine sweetie. She is very cuddly and craves human interaction. Lily does fine with dogs and cats, but would do best with calm, respectful dogs. She is believed to be around 9 years old, and weighs about 8 to 10 pounds. Lily jumps up straight in the air when it is time for breakfast & dinner. To see more pictures of Lily please click here for her album.

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