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Ratbone's Sanctuary Ratties

sanc*tu*ar*y [sangk-choo-er-ee]; a place of refuge; asylum.

Ratbone Rescues does not leave old, sick or injured dogs behind in favor of young and healthy dogs. Sometimes we come home with dogs who may never be adopted, and they live with their foster families for the rest of their lives. Please enjoy their stories!

Coco male


Coco was born around July 2003, and is now almost 11 years old and weighs 8 pounds. Coco is a one person dog, and will love this one person with all her heart, but she has no room for other people. Coco enjoys hanging out with the other dogs in her foster home, playing with toys, and chasing birds in the yard. She also likes to cuddle under the blankets with her fostermom at night, and "dances" for treats. She prefers to stay at home and run around the yard, or sit in her fostermom's lap. She can now do that in total confidence that her world will not change again in her lifetime.

Monthly Medication Bill: $20

Peanut male


Peanut is a small guy - less than 10 pounds. His fostermom's friend was his owner, but she got very sick, so he went to live on the farm. Peanut likes a warm bed, a warm coat, something good to eat. He had some adjusting to do when he first arrived - discovering the Great Outdoors, and now he loves to explore - although he doesn't go very far. This little city dog is liking his country life a lot. There are wonderful smells everywhere, and lots of things to learn about - like cows and horses! Not a bad retirement for a little city Rattie!

Monthly Medication Bill: $25

Minnie Pearl male


Minnie Pearl was rescued from a hoarder/breeder. For this reason she is very shy and still learning manners and how to trust people; she's always been better with women than men. Minnie was pregnant when she came to Ratbone, and has since delivered and raised 3 beautiful babies. She is just over three year old, weighs around 13 pounds, and is a blue tri-color. Minnie is affectionate and friendly with her fostermom, but no one else. She has never offered to bite in her foster home - even though she was extremely frightened when she first arrived. Minnie gets along wonderfully with the other dogs, and ignores the cats, but she is still terrified of humans.

Julie female


Julie (sometimes known as Juliette) is an older Rat Terrier with a loving personality. She's a total lap dog, and loves to just lay with her head in her fostermom's lap to watch TV! Julie was an owner surrender to the Miami Dade shelter. Julie usually gets along with other dogs, but is very selective about which ones she likes. She also is a very finicky eater and has to coaxed with lots of tasty treats. Julie walks well on a leash and rides well in a car. She is house-trained. Julie is a small girl - only 12 pounds.

Piper Blu female


Piper Blu is about 7 years old now, and came from the Indianapolis area, where she was abandoned in a vet's parking lot. Her spots are a very unusual merle/sable color, on a white body. The hair on her head is very thin, but she doesn't seem to notice. Piper knows "sit", "stay" and "come"... but she can be a little selective about obeying the commands. She is a very active girl. Piper weighs about 25 pounds, and is quite a tall Rattie. She likes men, women and kids - but would probably chase a cat if she saw it.





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